For Gear and Armor, please visit the help for those sections.

    Purchased Weapons

    This is a list of your purchased weapons. To the right of each item you'll see either a icon depending on what you can do with that item.

    If you only see a trash icon, this item is only removable. However, if you click the icon a sub-menu will pop up with serveral options, possibily even putting into a container.


    If you'd like to add or lower the amount of items you have, for example a dozen deadly daggers or a bounty of blunt bolts, just purchase that amount at the purchase screen, or you can click the button and you'll see a few options:

    This option is for gear and weapons only, for we don't forsee the needs for characters to carry 15 plate mail greaves.

    •  Add One - adds one more to that line item
    •  Add Five - adds five more to that line item
    •  Remove One - adds five more to that line item, note that this option won't show up if you just have one


    If you store a weapon into a container, it will be removed from this screen and will be moved to the Container's entry on the Gear page. See the help for that section.

    Equipping/Unequipping Weapons

    Weapons will need to be equipped in a primary or secondary hand. Equipping an item in a hand which already has an item equipped will unequip that item. Items which take two hands will unequip existing items from both hands.

    Custom Weapons
    Custom Weapons

    Your un-stored custom weapons will show up here, any weapons stored in a container will show up in that contaner's contents frame.

    Available Weapons

    To make a purchase of an item, just click on the icon next to the weapons you want to purchase. A dialog will pop up giving you the option to purchase at full price by default. From here, you can set any purchase price or even set it to be free if you want.

    If you do make a purchase at a different cost than the listed cost, it will be noted as a reminder to you and your GM.

    You can add a custom Weapons here too! Please see the help for Custom Items.