Please note that the Create, Save, Load, Share Help Section controls here are for Settings, not your player character.

    Campaign or Setting Name

    You can leave this blank if you like, but if you're wanting to save or share the campaign settings for later it's highly recommended that you put something here for your own sanity.

    Setting Portrait

    On the standard PDF template, this will be on the top-left hand corner of the first page. It's recommended that you use a fairly short and wide logo, not a tall image.

    Active Books

    This is a list of all your active books with your current character. To change your selection just click on the button.

    Select Books

    Check all of the books available to use in this campaign, this will affect the Setting Rules below.

    This app is no replacement to the books it references, please support Pinnacle and their Aces by purchasing their books!

    Setting Rules

    These are the setting rules which affect character creation. This is by far not all the setting rules available for the GM to use, but this list should cover all the options you need for character creation.

    Supers Campaign Settings

    When the "Super Hero!" Setting rule is enabled, this section will appear so that you can enter in your Supers campaign settings. Here you can select your power level, whether or not to use Rising Stars, and even adjust the Power Points and Power Limit for your campaign.

    Typical Knowledge Specialties

    This is where you could put a list of typical Knowledge (Deluxe) or Language (SWADE) specialties. Just list them one per line, they'll show up as a drop-down under Knowledge or Language skills, as well as the ability to fill in whatever the player would like.

    Encumbrance and Wealth

    These two options turn on or off wealth and encumbrance checks. If off, the character will never be counted as overloaded or overspent on funds.


    If your campaign uses wealth, these settings will allow you to format your wealth denominator in a campaign-friendly format.

    Character Tweaks

    Your GM may have some changes to boost or limit your character. Here you can set your initial Attribute or Skill points from the default or add another few perk points if your GM decides to start everyone with an extra edge or other equivalent.

    Campaign Notes and Instructions

    These are simply character creation notes to the players (especially if shared), which will not show up on the Character PDFs or Exports.