Please note that the Create, Save, Load, Share Help Section controls here are for Custom Races, not your player character.

    To change your race, just use the dropdown. This will be a list of all the races available per your selected books in the Books section in Settings

    If your GM allows for you to create a a custom race, click on the Create your own race button.

    Custom Races

    To return to the Race Select screen click on the Select a race button and you'll be taken back to the default screen.

    Race Name

    Put the singular form of your race's name here.

    Select a Race Ability

    This drop-down should list the available "Racial Traits" listed in the selected books. Some books have newer rules than others, and it's up to you to keep up with which book to use.

    Just select the item you want to add then press the Add Ability button. Your item will appear below where you can customize the description and name for the ability.

    Current Race Value

    Near the name or the dropdown you'll see a label which notes the "Race Value." Although not requierd, the standard "Race Value" is 2 (the sum of all the Positive and Negative traits), if a Custom Race has a higher or lower value, it'll be noted on the character sheet and exports. You'll also get an informational Validation note.