Membership Cost

    For US$30/year you'll receive the benefits listed below and all the unnamed and undocumented features which may have been excluded from the list.

    The Benefits of a WildCard Subscription

    This is by far not a comprehensive list yet, but there are benefits of subscribing and supporting the development of this application. is a registered and official Licensed Product for Savage Worlds. A premium registration not only helps out the developer, but supports Pinnacle Entertainment Group as well!

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    Membership Feature Chart

    The Basics

    Create Characters
    Create Vehicles, Starships, Power Armor, and Walkers
    Print PDFs
    Available PDF Templates221
    Available PDF Themes1191
    Access to the Data Manager
    Virtual Table Top Exports (currently only Roll20)

    Books Available

    Although you should be able to create nearly any chararacter using custom edges, skills, etc, the following books are supported for the following access levels:


    Save Characters Online
    # of Saves/Type

    For example, 500 saves of Vehicles, 500 saves of Characters, and 500 saves of Starships

    Photos Attachments


    Share Characters
    Vanity Share URLs

    Subject to url availability


    Custom Edges, Traits, Races, and lots of other items
    Saving Custom Items for Reuse

    Exporting to VTT or other Software

    Export to Roll20 (via DataManager)
    Export to Fantasy Grounds (via DataManager)
    Export to generic JSON (via DataManager or the Exports tab)
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