This area is a list of all your Attributes and Skills.

    When you allocate Attribute and Skill points the status bar at the bottom of the app will display how many points you have available. This is displayed in a [number available]/[number total] consistently across the status bar. For example, if you have 3/5 Attribute points on the Status Bar, you have 3 remaining Attribute Points to spend out of 5.


    Selecting your attributes should be intuitive. Just select the drop-down associated with each attribute and select which die value you want for that attribute.


    To increment a skill, just click on the or buttons to the right of the skill.

    Some skills may have an Add button instead of the or . This is a specified skill. When you click on the Add button an empty skill will appear below with a field where you can type in anything you like. Beside that entry is a or button set which you can increment or decrement the skill. If you decrement below d4, the skill will be removed.

    Custom Skills

    Your GM may have a certain skill specific for his or her campaign. You can easily add any skill (including a skill not linked to any attribute) by clicking on the Add a custom skill