This tab will only show up of one or more Arcane Background Edges have been selected.

    In SWADE and some other settings, your character may have the ability to take multiple Arcane Backgrounds, if you do this you'll get a small tab along the top of the page to select which Arcane Background to use. Just "switch" between these by clicking on the tab, as per the example below.

    Multiple AB Diagram

    Select Arcane Background

    To select your Arcane Background, just make your selection from the drop-down.

    Arcane Background Information

    This section gives your base and current options for your selection Arcane Background. You have the Book, page number, the associated skill and current skill level, Power Points, Number of Powers, and the Arcane Background's Allowed Powers.

    Install Power

    To install a power, just select it from the drop down and click on the Add button. Your power will appear on the Known Powers section.

    You can add a custom Power here too! Please see the help for Custom Items.

    Known Powers

    Your known powers for your selected Arcane Background will show up here. Each item will list the Power Name, Book, Page, Rank, Range, Power Points, and Duration.

    You can name and add your own Custom Name and Description here too.

    To remove a power, just click on the (Trash) button.

    Custom Powers

    This is the list of your custom installed powers.

    To remove a power, just click on the (Trash) button.