Power Level: [Campaign Power Level]

    This informational area displays your current Power Points, Power Limit.

    If you'd like for your character to use the Super Karma rules (Supers p4), just put a check here. Your Hindrances perks will be reduced by two to compensate for the extra Major Hindrance required.

    Technically you can take two minor hindrances the way this software handles this, but we don't think that any GMs would have a problem with that as it's still balanced.

    Adding A Super Power

    Just select which power's name listed from the Super Powers Companion you'd like then press the Add Power button. It will show up at the bottom of your power list below.

    Power List

    Each of your powers will be listed here as a summary to both your selected Super Powers Sets, Power Points of the Power (Power Point Total), and how much that Power Costs against your Power Points (Power Point Cost, because sub-powers in sets are free).

    • Name - the name of the power as it'll appear on the character sheet
    • Mods - a quick list of the seleted mods for this power
    • Points - the Power Point total of the created power
    • Cost - the cost of the power against your character's Power Points
    Installed Super Powers

    Each power will have its own box with options to select or check.

    • Current Power Points: [number]- This is the current total cost of the power (whether it is counted against your Power Point total or not).
    • Select Power Level- Some powers wont' have this option. Don't panic if so. To choose your power level, just select it from the dropdown.
    • Custom Name:- Most folks recommend that you name your power to something unique and flavorful for your Super character. Just type it in here and the name of the actual power will be in parenthesis behind your custom name.
    • Custom Description- If you'd like to have a custom description, just type it here.
    • Set Name- If you want your power to be part of a set, just type in the set name here.

      Make sure that your set names are exactly the same. Copy and paste if necessary.

    Power Specific Mods

    The power specific modifications are listed here. To enable the power mod, just check or select from the dropdown your choice. Read the text in the Power entry listed on the page number for details.

    Generic Power Mods

    The Generic Power Mods from the Super Powers Companion pp18-19 are listed here. Some powers just don't make sense with these generic mods, so work with your GM to be sure you can take them.