There are four functions on this page

    HTML Export

    This is the default view. Here you will see an stat-line version of your character which you can copy and paste into your favorite word processor or websites which support Rich Text Formatting (a simple text paste won't look terrible either).

    BB Code

    If you're wanting to share your Character in an online forum which supports BB Code click on this button. The code here in a large text box should work with only minor modification (likely the [SIZE=22px] will be the only change as some forums need another value). This BB code works will on Pinnacle Entertainment Group's forums.

    PDF Exports

    Template Selection - to select a template theme, simple just choose an item on the drop down. If you're already in Preview mode (see below), the preview will automatically refresh.


    This is the PDF preview. If your browser supports inline iframe and pdf embeds, it'll show up below.

    Mobile browsers, such as iOS won't show more than the first page. Don't panic, you can click the Download button to view the entire file.


    Some web browsers will allow you to download or print the PDF straight from the Preview (see above), however this button is here for those browsers or operating systems that don't support that functionality. Clicking this button will download the a PDF in the selected PDF Template as an attachment if supported, otherwise it'll display as a file in your browser.