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The Benefits of a WildCard Subscription

This is by far not a comprehensive list yet, but there are benefits of subscribing and supporting the development of this application.

For a paltry US$30 per year, you can enjoy the following benefits listed on the chart below.

Savaged.us is a registered and official Licensed Product for Savage Worlds. A premium registration not only helps out the developer, but supports Pinnacle Entertainment Group as well!

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Membership Feature Chart

The Basics

Create Characters
Create Vehicles, Starships, Power Armor, and Walkes
Print PDFs
Available PDF Templates 5 5 1

Books Available

Although you should be able to create nearly any chararacter using custom edges, skills, etc, the following books are supported for the following access levels:

Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition
Savage Worlds: Deluxe (EE)
Fantasy Companion
Horror Companion
Science Fiction Companion
Super Powers Companion
Artificer’s Codex
Battle for Oz
Rippers Resurrected
Saga of the Goblin Horde
The Last Parsec
The Last Parsec - Irongate


Save Characters Online
# of Saves/Type

For example, 50 saves of Vehicles, 50 saves of Characters, and 50 saves of Starships

50 5
Photos Attachments


Share Characters
Vanity Share URLs

Subject to url availability


Custom Edges, Traits, Races, and lots of other items
Saving Custom Items for Reuse

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