Charles Cofton

    Seasoned Male, Section D Agent, Expert in technology and former soldier


    Charles was born in London in 1892 to wealthy parents, Charles and Violet Cofton. Charles Cofton Senior worked in the banking sector in London and was able to afford a fine house and a good education for his only child. Charles Junior attended Harrow and then Oxford where he studied Engineering.

    Upon his graduation in 1913 Charles was accepted into Sandhurst as an officer cadet and passed out with a commission as a Second Lieutenant in June 1914. He was posted to the Royal Artillery and within a few months was sent to France at the outbreak of war.

    Charles' Engineering skills were put to use and he was tasked with creating more powerful artillery shells. When experimenting with a new shell in 1916 there was an accident. The new shell exploded in the breach of a gun which it was too powerful for. The explosion ripped away much of the right side of Charles' body but somehow, he survived. His right arm and leg had to be amputated, but he lived and was returned to England to convalesce and in May of 1918 he met William Hopewell, an injured Royal Marine, and the two struck up a friendship. Stripped of two of his limbs but unbroken in spirit, Charles began to work out how to mend his broken body. The war ended in November of 1918 but Charles' personal battle was ongoing. In 1920 he travelled to Switzerland where he studied clock and watch making.

    In 1922 he made a clockwork leg and walked for the first time in six years.

    In 1923 he made a clockwork arm and hand and was whole again.

    Since 1923, Charles has made significant improvements to his prosthetic limbs, even enhancing their performance. These days the arm and leg function as one unit replacing most of the right side of Charles’ body.

    In 1936, Charles was contacted by his old Commanding Officer and asked if he would undertake an information gathering mission in Nazi Germany. Charles accepted the mission and travelled to Germany where he saw first-hand the advances the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe were making. Since then, Charles has undertaken several missions for the SIS, most recently at the request of former naval officer Duncan McCoughie


    Charles Cofton is essentially a cripple. His right arm and right leg were damaged beyond repair in an accident in the First World War and he now has mechanical replacements which he made himself. He also carries a scar to his face which runs brow to chin separating piercing blue eyes. Anybody looking beyond the scars will see that Charles was previously a handsome man. He usually wears loose fitting trousers and a linen shirt beneath an old sheepskin pilots jacket to hide his mechanical arm and leg. His replacement limbs are constructed of brass with exquisite clockwork mechanisms which articulate the joints. The limbs fit to Charles’ body as a single unit joined by a harness which fits around his torso. A faint whirring sounds accompanies Charles wherever he goes.

    Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
    Skills: Athletics d4-2, Common Knowledge d6, Fighting d6, Healing d8, Language (English) d8, Language (French) d6, Language (German) d6, Language (Italian) d6, Language (Morse Code) d6, Notice d6, Persuasion d4-1, Repair d8, Research d6, Science d6, Shooting d4, Stealth d4-2, Weird Science d8
    Pace: 5; Running Die: d4; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5
    Hindrances: Clumsy, Slow (minor), Ugly (minor)
    Edges: Arcane Background (Weird Science), New Powers (Boost/Lower Trait, Smite), New Powers (Sloth/Speed, Stun)
    Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str)
    Gear: Boots, Hiking, Clothing, Casual, Clothing, Formal, First Aid Kit (basic supplies), Flashlight (10” beam), Goggles, Lighter, Small Suitcase, Tool Kit, Umbrella
    Languages: English (native, d8), French (d6), German (d6), Italian (d6), Morse Code (d6)
    Current Wealth: £128
    Arcane Background: Weird Science (SWADE)
    • Power Points: 15
    • Powers: 5th Gear (Speed ; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p167; Limitations: One Aspect, Self (limited)), Deflection (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p157-158; Limitations: Self (limited)), Extra Winding (Boost Trait; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p156; Limitations: One Aspect, Self (limited)), Jack-In-The Box (Smite; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p168; Limitations: Self (limited)), Pile driver (Stun; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p168-169; Limitations: Self (limited))


    Novice Advances
    • Raise Skills: Healing/Repair
    • Raise Skills: Repair/Science
    • Raise Skills: Weird Science/Research
    Seasoned Advances
    • Edge: New Powers (Sloth/Speed, Stun)

    Current Load: 17 (41)
    Books In Use: Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition
    Setting Rules: Multiple Languages, Unarmored Hero
    Validity: Character appears valid and optimal
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