Briyan Zimon

    Novice Male Human, Militia Volunteer


    The Zimon family was initially loyal CS subjects living in Free Quebec. When Free Quebec turned traitor on the CS his family, with many others fled and were quickly absorbed into the logistics chain for the Tolkeen war. Briyan's parents both worked in the quartermaster's core, but since the war they have only managed to make a home in the burbs.

    Hero’s Journey Hooks: As a teenager at the time, Briyan was mostly a runner, but soldiers commonly imposed on him to acquire supplies--usually beyond what they were supposed to be issued. He became rather adept at "procurement" (Thief Edge)


    Briyan has done his best to assemble a CS uniform out of denim and leather, dyed or painted black. Of course it obviously is not an actual uniform.

    Racial Ethnicity: French

    Background Origin: Free Quebec

    Parents: Both Living

    Siblings: 2 older one deceased brother one sister in the CS military(little contact), one younger brother(hero worships me)

    In Free Quebec the Zimons were blue collar city workers, but then became ChiTown Workers for the war. With the war over their fortunes are falling rapidly. They are effectively mere burbies, their jobs as civilian contractors for the war ended before the war and the word is already out meaning they can't get a loan and most "old friends" do not return calls. Some of their connections from their past working in the war are returning calls though and they hope to use that to improve their status.

    Motivations: Blind patriotism

    Disposition: Tough guy, self-reliant, cocky, a lone wolf.

    Sentiments toward Non-Humans: Undereducated, generally gulled by CS propoganda. Actually knows very little beyond what he's been told.

    Weight: Husky 170lbs

    Height: 5'9"

    Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
    Skills: Athletics d8, Common Knowledge d4-1, Fighting d10, Language (Native) d8, Notice d4-1, Persuasion d4, Shooting d8, Stealth d8, Thievery d4+1
    Pace: 6; Parry: 7; Toughness: 11 (5)
    Hindrances: Clueless, Illiterate
    Edges: Connections (CS Burbs Militia), Soldier, Thief
    Armor: Armored Cloak (Armor 2), Flak Jacket (Vietnam-era) (Armor 3)
    Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str), Colt Peacemaker (.45) (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, ROF 1, AP 1), Glock (9mm) (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, ROF 1, AP 1), NG-L5 Laser Rifle (Range 24/48/96, Damage 4d6, ROF 1, AP 2)
    Gear: Bullet, Medium , Rifle E-Clip
    Language: Native (native, d8)
    Current Wealth: $700

    Current Load: 33.04 (61)
    Books In Use: Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition, Rifts®: Arcana and Mysticism, Rifts®: Blood and Banes, Rifts®: Empires of Humanity, Rifts®: Savage Foes of North America, Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Players Guide, Rifts®: Tomorrow Legion Field Manual
    Setting Rules: Born a Hero, Born a Hero includes Powers, Rifts® M.D.C.
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