Byron Macbride

    Seasoned Male Human, Homeless man


    With the appearence of a hairy homeless man with a ornately carved staff. Usually carrying an old carrier bag, he is usually given a wide berth.

    Byron is a strange old man who always seems to be nearby when things are strange.

    Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
    Skills: Athletics d6, Common Knowledge d6, Faith d10, Fighting d6, Folklore d6, Language (English) d8, Language (Linguist #2) d6, Language (Linguist #3) d6, Language (Linguist #4) d6, Language (Spanish) d6, Notice d6, Occult d8, Persuasion d6, Stealth d6
    Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5
    Sanity: 6
    Hindrances: Heroic, Outsider (minor, ), Poverty
    Edges: Arcane Background (Miracles), Champion, Luck, New Powers (Stun, Deflection), Power Points
    Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str)
    Gear: Bedroll (sleeping bag; winterized), Boots, Hiking, Carrier Bag (Contains: Flint and Steel, Lighter, Whetstone), Clothing, Casual, Hip flask, Holy Symbol, Neck protector, leather
    Languages: English (native, d8), Linguist #2 (d6), Linguist #3 (d6), Linguist #4 (d6), Spanish (d6)
    Current Wealth: £94.90
    Arcane Background: Miracles (SWADE)
    • Power Points: 15
    • Powers: Angelic Shield (Deflection; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p157-158), Armor of Faith (Protection; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p165-166), Rightous Anger (Smite; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p168), Stun (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p168-169), Sunlight (Light ; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p164; Limitations: One Aspect)
    Starting Bennies: 4


    Novice Advances
    • Edge: Champion
    • Edge: Power Points
    • Edge: Luck
    Seasoned Advances
    • Edge: New Powers (Stun, Deflection)
    • Raise Skill: Faith

    Current Load: 11 (41)
    Books In Use: Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition, Horror Companion, Summoner's Circle
    Setting Rules: Multiple Languages, Sanity
    Validity: Character appears valid and optimal
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