The most civilized and powerful of the three canine races of the Palladium World is the Wolfen. On their original world, the Wolfen were a fierce warrior people divided into 13 warring tribes. They still hold to the ways of the warrior, but have developed into a sophisticated military machine, extremely reminiscent of the ancient Romans of Earth. On Rifts Earth they are generally feared at first, largely due to their size, but once known their penchant towards cooperation and protection typically wins over those who are favored by them.

    In battle, Wolfen tend to be brutal and use terror as a psychological weapon to minimize resistance, reasoning that killing a few with brutality will result in fewer killed needlessly. They generally abhor violence towards the innocent, though the Coalition universally paints them as horrible monsters, when they acknowledge them as not being dog boys. Their size and culture tends to funnel them to martial pursuits, but there are Wolfen of all persuasions, from scholars and mages to city rats and Headhunters.

    • D-Bee: A Wolfen’s imposing appearance leads to poor initial Reactions, which typically start at Unfriendly, or Hostile for human supremacists. Those with Unfriendly or lower Reactions refuse to sell wares or provide services such as healing, repairs, etc. Failed social checks with Hostile parties often result in violence.
    • Inhuman Physiology: Those unfamiliar with Wolfen physiology suffer a −3 penalty to Healing and cybernetics checks
    • Non-Standard Build : Wolfen have unique proportions which make commonly available equipment problematic. Subtract 2 from Trait rolls when using equipment not designed for Wolfen (including weapons and vehicles). They can't wear commonly available armor or clothing, it must be custom-designed and fitted—tripling associated costs. Glitter Boy armor (and the Iconic Framework) is not an option, neither is most power armor. Equipment and food cost double the listed price. Starting Gear is assumed to be custom-built for the character.
    • Bite: Wolfen have fangs that cause Strength+d4 damage and can also be used on a Bound or Entangled foe.
    • Low Light Vision: Wolfen ignore Dim and Dark Illumination penalties.
    • Warrior Culture: Wolfen, as a society, believe in the code of the warrior - which gives them a loose code of conduct about fighting. While not rigid, it does color how they view the world. Choose from one from each of the following lists to reflect that: Minor: Driven (Minor; Prove one's self in battle), Loyal, or Quirk (Honorbound). Major: Arrogant, Bloodthirsty, Code of Honor, Heroic, Overconfident
    • Powerful Builds: Wolfen are a hugely powerful race of creatures. They are Size 2, increase their pace by 2, their running die by 1, start with a Strength d8, Vigor d6 and raise Trait maximums accordingly.
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