Seasoned Female Human, Chi Adept

    Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d6
    Skills: Athletics d8, Common Knowledge d6, Driving d4, Fighting d8, Language (Native) d8, Notice d6, Occult d6, Persuasion d6, Repair d4, Science d6, Stealth d8
    Pace: 8; Running Die: d8; Parry: 7; Toughness: 7 (2)
    Hindrances: Code of Honor, Jinxed (minor, Repair), Loyal
    Edges: Arcane Background (Chi Adept), Dodge, Fleet-Footed, Martial Artist, Quick
    Armor: Armor Clothing (Armor 2)
    Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4, +1 to Hit), Staff (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4, +1 Parry)
    Gear: Ear Plug Phone, Stim Patch, Trauma Patch
    Language: Native (native, d8)
    Current Wealth: 4 Logistic Points
    Arcane Background: Chi Adept (Sprawlrunners)
  • Powers: Boosted Skill: Fighting (Sprawlrunners p20; Limitations: Self (limited)), Enhanced Reaction (Sprawlrunners p20; Limitations: Self (limited))
  • Advances

    Novice Advances
    • Edge: Quick
    • Edge: Fleet-Footed
    • Raise Attribute: Strength
    Seasoned Advances
    • Edge: Dodge

    Current Load: 12 (61)
    Books In Use: Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition, Sprawlrunners
    Setting Rules: Cyberware Tab, No Power Points
    Validity: Character appears valid and optimal
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