Psi-Slayer (

    Naturally predatory psychics trained from an early age by secretive guilds to be deadly assassins and bounty hunters. Slayers are said to be as feared as Mind Melters or Archmages. Their ability to hunt, track, and kill their prey is unparalleled even by the vaunted Sunaj Assassins of Atlantis. Perhaps one of the coolest features of the Psi-Slayer is their Psi-Dagger, a shorted low power Psi-Sword used for killing up close and personal. And getting close for the kill is a necessity as, like Psi-Stalkers, these psychics consume P.P.E. to survive.

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    • Mutant (Racial): Even when their reputation as trained killers is not known these mutants are treated with distrust in human supremacist communities.
    • Natural Psionics (Racial): Psi-Slayers begin with Arcane Background (Psionics) beginning with smite (self only) and two powers chosen from the standard psionic list. If a Psi-Slayer chooses a framework providing Arcane Background (Psionics), he starts with smite as one of his starting powers and adds two powers to his starting total.
    • Psi-Dagger (Racial): Draining PPE from their victims requires getting up close and personal. Psi-Slayers have the Psi-Blade Edge.
    • Psychic Vampire (Racial): Per Psi-Stalker; see Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide
    • Restricted Path (Racial): Psi-Slayers cannot take any Arcane Background or Iconic Framework using PPE.
    • Ruthless Killers (Racial): Even the best intentioned Psi-Slayers have trouble controlling their animal instinct to hunt and kill, and that reputation precedes them wherever they go. Reactions start at Unfriendly (see Reactions in Savage Worlds) with anyone who knows the reputation of a Psi-Slayer and Psi-Slayers suffer from the Bloodthirsty Hindrance for no additional benefit.
    • Trained Hunters (Racial): These potent psychics are recruited at a young age by secretive Psi-Slayer Guilds to train as killers, assassins, and trackers. They begin play with a d6 in Survival and the No Mercy Edge.
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