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Weapon and Gear quantities are now in active! 2019-02-15
Weapon and Gear quantities are now in active! This was a long overdue feature for those dozen deadly dagger wielding thieves, those crossbowmen carrying a bounty of blunt bolts, or those wizards carrying a container of cherry candles.

You can initially set your quantity when you purchase your Gear or Weapon:
Once purchased, you can change the quantities using the drop-down menu.
On the PDF your gear will show up with a 2x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 11x, etc in front of the name, and the weight of singular (total) under the weight column.
Savaged.us is on Twitter! 2019-02-07
We're now on Twitter! We'll make announcements both there and on this page. Follow us to keep up to date!
Savaged.us is open for business! 2019-02-06

Thanks to Pinnacle Entertainment Group's gracious announcment in their newsletter, we are live. We've been in beta-test for a couple of months now, but now the cat's out of the bag and we're officially open to the public.!

If you're new here (and you probably are), feel free to visit the Development Status page for things I'm working on or adding to the app. I'm always tinkering and adding. I've been accused of having a d10 Weird Science!.

As always, if you have any bugs or feature requests, submit them via the Feedback system, and not the Contact Form. It's easier for me to keep track of what needs to be fixed.

Battle for Oz Content Available 2019-01-20

We're proud to announce that the Battle for Oz content has been entered for the Character Creator.

Become a WildCard to gain access to this wonderful setting!

This marks the first of many of our Ace, SWAG, and Fan partners which we'll be supporting. Thank you, Pirate Press, LLC!