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This help section covers Vehicles, Starships, Walkers, and Power Armors. The term 'vehicle' below applies to all four classifications.

For help Saving, Loading, or Sharing a Vehicle, see the Create, Save, Load, Share Help Section

Stat Block

This unlabelled area at the very top of the creator page is the end-result of your work.

As you make changes and change various stats, mods, etc, this area will show a real-time update of the stat block and appearance of your vehicle.

There is no real "export" section for the vehicle creator. The statline here is meant to be copy/pasted into whatever rich text editor you use, whether it be Word, Libre Office, Email, or even some online forums which support rich text.

Basic Information
  • Name - this is your vehicle's name. This will be displayed prominetly on the top of the statblock and will serve as your Save name (registered users only).
  • Description - description of your vehicle, it will show up just below the name and above the statistics in the stat block
  • Size - Once you've selected a size for your vehicle, mods and weapons selection choices will show up below.
  • Image (registered users only) - select a file on your computer and it will be uploaded and displayed to the right of the description and stat block.

Once a size is selected, a list of mods should show up here.

To install a mod just press on the icon, similarly, if you have a mod installed, just press the button.

This table will alter as mods are installed and removed as per the availablity changing if a mod is installed or not (such as, one can't be both a propeller and jet aircraft at the same time).

Used Books

If there are any mods available that aren't in the Science Fiction Companion, they'll be selectable here. You cannot "disable" the Science Fiction Companion.

Toggling the book will make visible or hide the Mods associated with that book.

Installed Wepaons

This is a list of the weapons installed on your vehicle. Here, you can set wether the weapon is a Fixed mount (normally a mod, but it's easier to handle here), or linked (also easier to handle here).

To remove an installed weapon and recover its mods, just press the button to the left of the weapon.

To set a weapon as a fixed weapon, just use the drop-down and select what direction you'd like for the weapon to be placed at a 45° angle. To remove the fixed tag, just select "(Not Fixed)" in the dropdown.

To create a Dual-Linked or Quad-Linked weapon is also completed by using the dropdown at the right of the weapon line. You can select "Not Linked," "Dual Linked," or "Quad Linked" here and the system will calculate the mods for you automatically.

Note that if you have multiple weapons of the exact Fixed, Linked, and Name it will automatically group these toegether and add a 2x, 3x, etc to the weapon line.

Available Weapons

This is a list of the weapons available for the size of the vehicle from the Science Fiction Companion (or other books if selected and available). They are ordered by type and then by size. A weapon that has a minimum size greater than the selected size will be hidden.

To install a weapon on your vehicle, just press the icon.