Updated: 2020/06/20


    Current Hotplate

    These items are either currently being developed, or are very soon to be completed.


    Items in strikethrough are initially complete and will be removed soon.

    • Creating a new PDF renderer. The current HTML to PDF "printing" via a command line version of Chromium is incosistent and starts choking on larger character sheets. Estimated updateItemAvailability: early September 2020. Preview link coming mid-August.

    Future Additions

    These items are planned, but not currently in active development

    Not in any specific entry order


    • Export Scifi Creators to Chargen Items
    • Live Character Sheet
    • GM Campaigns
    • GM/Campaign Settings (reference to GM campaign which cannot be altered by players)
    • Player Invitations to GM Campaigns (depends on Username, now done)

    Setting Data Entry

    • Interface Zero 3.0 (data entry on hold at publisher's request to be sure that we have the final setting ready)